09 november 2009

The Future Of The Web: Where Will We Be In Five Years? #Trends #2010>

1. Micro-Payments For Quality Content
2. Wider Monitors For More Horizontal-Scrolling Content
3. Magazines In A More Interactive Format 
4. More Collaborative And Real-Time Content
5. More Semantic Content And Apps That Exploit Them
6. Augmented Reality In Mobile Web Applications
7. Interesting Web Operating System Applications
7. [sic!] Better Adoption Of Web Standards
8. Better Web Security Against Phishing, Scams and Spam
9. Even More Social Apps
10. More High-Quality Online “TV” Programs
11. Web Apps Play A Bigger Role In Daily Life
12. Search Engine Optimization Will Be Less Important
13. Places to Watch TV Online For Free
13. Your OS Will Be Online
14. Customized User Interfaces
15. The Web Will Be The Center Of Information And Content Distribution

Full - rather eclectic - article here.

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